A sacred membership space of Black, Indigenous, Women & Femmes of color that embody the divine feminine* and are "too spiritual for the decolonial world and too decolonial for the spiritual world."
*empaths, sensitives, and intuitives

We are committed to healing from colonial programming, dismantling oppressive systems, & awakening our soul. We believe in decolonizing our minds and liberating our spirits to transform ourselves and birth the New Earth for collective healing and liberation.

The Decolonial Healing Collective is a group coaching membership and spiritual & unlearning space that consists of group meditations, teachings, and live guidance & channeling calls with Dra. Rocio and live community calls to give you an opportunity to nurture community with collective members.

Applications are currently closed. Add your name below to be informed when applications open in 2022.

*I primarily work with Black, Indigenous, Women & Femmes of Color and welcome gender non-conforming folx of color that embody and identify with the divine feminine to join if they feel deeply called to work with me.

Your liberation and healing comes not from external validation but in honoring your sacred soul

Beloved, I believe you are more powerful than what you have been led to believe.

I believe that you are infinite potential and that life is full of possibility when we are living from a place of our personal and collective power. Our ancestors knew this and now it is time for you to reclaim.

I believe that sensitive, empathic, intuitive souls that are committed to liberation work have unique and powerful medicine to share with this world. This is the sacred power of the Divine Feminine.

But, because of colonization, we have been cut from our power, intentionally severed, without roots, without grounding, without connection to benefit the colonial capitalist patriarchy.

I believe it is this grounding in ourselves, our unique medicine, and our collective power that will get us to healing and liberation.

I believe that accessing our power comes from the spirit realm, from connecting to the unseen, from being in energetic alignment.

And I deeply believe that decolonizing is what will help us to get to this space.

You see, we cannot connect to our intuition if we do not heal from deep colonial programming first.

AND, we must confront it but we cannot become too attached and defined by colonial pain.

Decolonial healing is decolonizing and spiritual, existing at these intersections to make way for the new.

Decolonial healing means allowing yourself to be whole, to be well, to be free.

Decolonial healing means unlearning harmful colonial programming and divesting from oppressive systems.

Decolonial healing also means returning to the sacred and being in right relationship with Mother Earth and all of humanity.

Decolonial healing means that you are also in integrity and alignment with anti-oppressive work, anti-capitalism, and divesting from the white colonial capitalist patriarchy in how we work and live our lives.

Decolonial healing is hard work, and also has moments of bliss and joy as you begin to step into your liberation, and connect to the spirit realms. But, it can become very lonely. And so this is why I was called to birth The Decolonial Healing Collective so that we do not have to go it alone, so that we are supported and celebrated, held to our values and vision for the new earth, and honored on our path.

Beloved, You are worthy of being whole, well, and free.

You deserve to be free from the colonial shackles
that imprison your mind, your body, your spirit.

You deserve to show up as your full self.

No more hiding and making yourself small.

You deserve to be seen and heard dear heart.

You deserve to heal and be free from the intergenerational
colonial conditioning that weighs you down.

You deserve to be liberated from living in servitude,
from living in guilt, from living in doubt.

You deserve joy, fulfillment, and to follow your dreams
and express your soul’s highest purpose.

You deserve to thrive and not just survive.

You are worthy of connecting to the spirit realms and Mother Earth.

Your wellness and spirituality is your birthright and your alignment with all of creation is your sacred responsibility.

May we honor the sacred.

May we heal together.

May we allow ourselves to receive.

May we give in sacred reciprocity.

May we have the courage to show up as our full selves in our medicine to fulfill our soul's path.

May we have the courage to face and heal our shadows so that we can also shine our light in this world.

May we experience collective healing and liberation
and birth the new world that our ancestors prophesied.

May we embody balance and harmony to then extend these energies into the world.

May we allow ourselves to feel worthy.

Because you are who your ancestors prayed for.

You are their prayers and dreams embodied.

"For those considering joining The Decolonial Healing Collective, please know that the work is HARD. Yes – we want to feel better, to know our purpose, for justice, for peace, for hope and a better future. But, we are still in the middle of it. There will be moments of feeling connected to an amazing group of people who will hold space for you and for each other. However, we are also unlearning so many of the destructive lies that we have each incorporated into our minds and bodies. All of this, like Dra. Rocio continues to remind us, takes time to undo, unlearn, and believe the whole truths of ourselves. We commit to showing up for each other and ourselves, but we also lovingly and willingly give space to each other. It’s freedom, and we are all getting used to how that really feels in practice and not just in words. As we go through this and as Dra. Rocio has taught and is leading us to, all of this is bigger than ourselves. It will probably mean giving up old ways of thinking, seeing yourself, and others differently. Dra. Rocio is a loving, caring, intuitive teacher, person, Seer, and guide of all of us. Her honesty, authentic personhood, and consistent integrity to act and live as her guides, ancestors and Spirit have led her has been a gift and blessing to us all. I have learned so much through her, and I am excited that others will have the opportunity to continue to do so, too."

-Rosanne Meyada
Filipina, Wife, Mother Decolonizing, Deconstructing, and Rebuilding

Our Medicine Is Powerful
and Our Intuition Is Wise

Our ancestors were violently colonized and we carry this intergenerational colonial trauma in our DNA, in our minds, in our bodies, in our souls, and in our energy field.

Because of this intergenerational colonial conditioning, the colonial capitalist patriarchy has convinced us that we only exist to serve others, that our worth lies in our ability to tolerate pain, in our ability to work beyond our limits, in our ability to care for others at the expense of ourselves, in our ability to deny ourselves and our truths in service of their agenda.

And so we end up experiencing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion. We end up depleted and unfulfilled with a life that we created because we believed that what they told us would lead to success and happiness.

But it was really intended for their benefit. We have been manipulated, lied to, exploited, COLONIZED.

It is not your fault beloved, you have done the best you can with what you knew at the time.

You’ve learned harmful messaging from the colonial capitalist patriarchy. The reason we don’t prioritize our needs and honor our spirit is that the colonial patriarchy taught us that we don’t matter. But, just as you’ve learned this harmful programming, you can unlearn it, you do not have to be a victim, you can heal.

It is possible to live in peace, to live in harmony, to live in balance, to live from a place of abundance, and to create a life that is aligned with our values and that brings us joy. They have convinced us that this is unattainable but only because it benefits them.

Our medicine is powerful, our intuition is wise, and we can tap into it to create the life we deserve, but we must heal from this colonial programming first to be able to access it.

We must unlearn the colonial voice.

We must unlearn colonial servitude.

We must allow ourselves to be free.

We must also be mindful that our empowerment does not become oppressive and that we are in harmony and balance with Mother Earth and all of creation.

"The Decolonial Healing Collective is all that it promises to be and more especially if you embrace, allow and surrender yourself fully to every process that is so lovingly and generously offered by Dr. Rosales Meza. And when I say lovingly and generously, I use those words without platitude or even to be especially complimentary. I simply speak to the essential truth about the nature of the space that is cultivated in this collective. This collective is a loving and generative space that holds each of its participants with care, nurturing all of our growth not only through Dr. Rosales Mezas’ energy medicine, wisdom, teaching, and expertise but through the wisdom that all who are a part of it have to offer. We offer each other unconditional support, understanding, and respect. I am so grateful to have found this space and can honestly say to all who feel called to join that it is a worthwhile gift to yourself."

-Portia K.
A Seeker Of Liberation

If you feel called and drawn in by these words,
I lovingly invite you to join us in...

A space of Black, Indigenous, Women, & Femmes of Color* empaths, sensitives, and intuitives that are “too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world."

We are committed to healing from colonial programming, dismantling & divesting from oppressive systems, & awakening our soul. We believe in decolonizing our minds and liberating our spirits to transform ourselves and birth the new world for collective healing.

The Decolonial Healing Collective is on Sliding scale of $240 - $450 per quarter to join.

I ask for an application so that I can get to know you because that is important to me and to see if you are in alignment with the collective. The collective also starts with a quarterly commitment as this work is not to be done on colonial time and the process of building community and unlearning and embodying and integrating takes time.

In The Decolonial Healing Collective, you'll Learn:

How to Unlearn The Colonial Voice
You will receive guidance to unlearn this indoctrination and begin to cultivate self love, compassion, and a remembrance of your power and soul. You will begin to see and feel possibilities in your life as you discover the ways that your life, your psyche, your energy has been limited by the colonial capitalist patriarchy in ways you didn't even know. For instance, how you've been taught to live your life in limited ways, how you've been taught to care for others at the expense of yourself, how you've been taught to endure pain and focus on work vs. honoring your whole self, how you've been taught to always be in urgency with time, how you've been taught to bypass difficult emotions instead of seeing them as lessons, how you've been taught to hide yourself, make yourself small, deny your own truth, and so much more.

How To Shed Colonial Programming
You will receive guidance to unlearn and release the limiting beliefs and harmful conditioning that are keeping you stuck, that keep you betraying yourself and your soul's purpose, that keep you in colonial servitude and pain, and that harm you in ways you don't even know.

How To Honor Your Intuition and Discern & Alchemize Fear
You will receive guidance and encouragement to honor your own inner wisdom.

How To Live More Intuitively & Allow Space for your Sacred Path
You will receive guidance for how to trust in your own sacred path, your own sacred medicine, making room for Spirit, harmony with Mother Earth, the elements, while navigating our currently Earthly reality and unlearning harmful ways we've been taught to live our lives.

How To Tend to Your Wellness
You will receive guidance to honor your rest, and your mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual health without engaging in cultural appropriation nor capitalist spirituality.

How To Ground with Mother Earth & Connect to the Cosmos
You will receive guidance to connect to the spirit realms and also how to be in sacred reciprocity, in balance and harmony, and not just extracting and receiving.

The Energetic And Sacred Power Of A Space of Like-Hearted Souls
Healing is amplified when we gather. In being with others on a similar journey, we experience healing and liberation together. Our learning space is sacred and unique unlike any other as we exist at the intersections of decolonizing, wellness, and spirituality. You won’t feel alone in your spiritual awakening and decolonial healing journey and that is powerful and infinitely valuable.

The Decolonial Healing Collective was intentionally created and so every aspect of the offerings and the process to join is intentional to give you an opportunity build and nurture community in the collective.

The collective is not a networking opportunity, it is not a program or course, it is a spiritual and unlearning space to do the work of decolonial healing in both the spirit and earthly realms.

We understand that the systems are against us and we know that we can amplify the healing when we gather. We amplify the vision of the new earth when we gather our energies and we call in and begin to build the new together.

"Finding Dra. Rosales Meza and The Decolonial Healing Collective gave me confirmation in the validity of my feelings and my intuition. In this space of being “too decolonial for the spiritual world and too spiritual for the decolonial world“ I found home...and the guidance my soul was so deeply seeking. In these months I have received so much activation to claim who I am, to reclaim my intuition, and to continue on this deep path to truly remembering my voice and purpose. Dra. Rocio embodies the sacred, embodies honoring the seen and unseen realms, and upholds us, to honor sacred protocol in everything we do. I feel like I am in a safe container to unlearn all the colonization that I have held in my body. I am accessing belief systems that have been programmed in me so that I can alchemize them and heal. And It feels so freeing to finally have the language to be able to navigate this new reality, new earth, that we are co-creating. I think the most deeply transformative gift I have experienced from Dra. Rocio is true compassion. Compassion with self. Compassion with learning and unlearning. Compassion in a way that you can be forever changed and continue to carry that light forward to activate others. I am so grateful to this collective, to everyone showing up in this community to witness each other in feeling our wounds to reclaim. And I am so grateful to be able to support the incredibly brave work of Dra. Rocio, which feels like sacred reciprocity."

-Kei Kurimoto
Shadow Work And Healing Justice

Reclaiming Your Power,
Your Intuition, Your medicine & being in alignment and integrity

I do this work to reclaim our power, our intuition, so that we no longer replicate colonial behavior that makes us feel we have to rely on external sources for validation. But, instead learn to trust ourselves, our gifts, and our intuitive abilities in sacred community. I believe this is the path to collective wellness and liberation.

I do this work so that we can be in alignment with the new earth and that means living in a way that honors the sacred, that is in right relationship with Mother Earth, that seeks harmony and balance, not extraction and exploitation, which means not living in excess, not using money as our compass but the sacred as our compass so that our lives and the way we serve can create possibilities for the new world and collective healing and liberation.

About Me + This Work

I am a Xicana/Mexicana Seer, energy worker, and decolonial healer. I am also an unschooling mother, an anti-capitalist feminist, a womanist, a muxerista. I come from a long line of healers from both my maternal and paternal lineages and was born with Seeing and healing abilities. I have a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. I have 20 years of experience conducting cultural, social, and psychological research, 17 years of experience as a healer, and 16 years of experience teaching courses in anti-oppressive work and helping skills. I am multiskilled and yet, what I feel are my unique gifts are my heart, my deep sense of compassion, my visionary leadership, and my ability to tap into the spiritual realms.

While I was trained as a psychologist and have thousands of hours in clinical training, I have chosen not to be a licensed psychologist because I am not aligned with the colonial field. I believe in therapy as it is Indigenous afterall, though I don't believe in the Colonial & Eurocentric field of today. My path is that of a medicine woman. I am in an apprenticeship with the Q'ero Inca Nation tradition, learning with Pampa Mesayoq Don Alejandro Apaza of the Apaza family lineage as well as Q'ero initiated Mesa carrier and medicine woman Marilu Shinn.

I have a Ph.D., and am a Seer, and also just as important this work is my lived experience. My mission is to facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual healing for Black, Indigenous Women and Femmes of Color from a decolonial and spiritual perspective. It is my deep honor to serve.

Beloved, You are worthy of living in peace, and OF being seen and heard for who you really are

You are worthy beloved.

And you are enough, exactly as you are.

You are worthy of living the life that you feel called to.

You are worthy of living out your values, not having to compromise who you are and what you stand for. Because the truth is, we were made this way to create a new world, to forge a new path ahead.

You can shed the old COLONIZED you. You can birth the new you, the you that came to this Earth plane to experience the highest expression of your soul for your evolution and for our collective healing and liberation.

This is possible dear heart, and I am here to help guide you. It is my deep honor to walk with you on this journey. Thank you for your courage and for answering the call.

Through confronting oppressive messaging as a collective, I hope you are inspired to create harmony, balance, and liberation in the real world. I hope to teach, coach, uplift, and encourage you, so that you can do the colonial shadow work, release self-blame, and experience wholeness and wellness.

I also hope that in this community, you feel validated and inspired to live your truth to inspire others to do the same. I hope that you feel a sense of calm to listen to your spirit and intuition to find your calling and carry out your soul's purpose. I believe that in community we amplify our healing energy which can then propel us to step into our power and use this power to dismantle oppressive systems so that we can all be free, well, and at peace. Bringing in the times of right relationship, of harmony and balance, starts with ourselves.

We are being called to decolonize our minds and liberate our spirits to reclaim our power with the intention of birthing the New Earth.

"For me, TDHC has really brought me into alignment to the next level of my growth and soul's journey. Dra. Rocio is kind and patient with us through the process. The guided lessons, guidance calls, and the channeled messages are a great combination that helps you move through the months work. My favorite part is the channeled messages. The messages always come through when I most need them. I like that each month we focus on one particular area. For example, for me boundaries this month is a huge lesson in learning, allowing, and trusting. With Dra.Rocio's guidance and the love from the collective community I am able to move through this energy and truly integrate the teachings. If you are thinking about joining the collective please do so with grace, love, and an open heart. Recognize that this journey is not your typical "coaching", networking, or Facebook group community. The TDHC is full of intention, to meet your needs on a soulful level of healing and liberation. This process is decolonial at its core, thus we must be aware of how we need to shed our colonial selves. And try to not operate on colonial time and expectations. Dra. Rocio offers the space and grace to learn through it. If you are ready, be open, be aware, and show up as your authentic self. This has been one of the few spaces I truly feel 'safe' and held to show up as my full self. Dra. Rocio is a great leader and holds so much love for us. Muchas Gracias Dra. Deep love and gratitude for you and your work."

-Delicia Alarcon

The Benefits Of Joining
The Decolonial Healing Collective

Remember: Our medicine is powerful, our intuition is wise, and we can tap into it to create the life we deserve, but we must heal from this colonial programming first to be able to access it.

I lovingly invite you to the path of decolonial healing.

If you are seeking sacred virtual community, if you embrace an organic, intuitive, and soul and heart led process, rather than a fixed, content driven process, and are ready to do deeper shadow work, The Decolonial Healing Collective is for you. If you want to EMBODY the path of decolonial healing so that you can break the cycles of harmful colonial programming and divest from oppressive systems, the collective is for you. If you honor and embrace the decolonial and spiritual, the collective is for you.

When you join the collective, you will be joining an ongoing virtual collective that moves at the pace of seasons to embody the divine feminine & to practice decolonizing time.

Each season, you will take a journey around a theme. For the first month of the season, you will be introduced to the teaching, given guidance by Dra. Rocio, and have an opportunity to connect with collective members. The second month is an integration month in which we consciously slow down so that we have space to process. During this month, we will have a live guided collective meditation so that you have an opportunity to receive direct guidance from the spirit realms. In the third month, we return to a live guidance call with Dra. Rocio and a live community call with collective members to share what has come up for the season.

The collective deeply resonates with the seasonal nature as it allows us to REMEMBER and cultivate what it is like to exist in infinite time, not colonial time.

When you join the collective, you are invited to join this "slower" pace that will allow more depth.

Each season, this is what’s included:

A Themed Teaching each Season
Every season, you will receive a teaching at the intersections of spirituality, wellness, and decolonizing to help guide you on your journey of unlearning colonial programming in how you live your life. It is important to note that my teachings are very intuitive and do not follow a "structured program." It is a way of reclaiming our sacred ways of teaching and learning. Decolonial Healing is really about shifting the way we have been programmed to live by the colonial capitalist patriarchy, including how we learn and unlearn. These teachings will be audio recorded and you will have access for as long as you are a member to return to when you feel called.

Reflective Journal Workbook Each Season
You will receive a workbook with journal questions to help you reflect on the teachings and process what comes up for you.

Two Monthly Live Guidance Calls from Dra. Rocio each Season

You will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive live guidance and group guidance from me in our monthly group call to allow you to receive support on your journey. During this 2 hour live Zoom call, you will receive a spiritual meditation to commence the call and channeled messages and guidance from me. In these calls, I answer the questions I am called to answer, trusting that Spirit provides exactly what we need in our journey.

One Collective Spiritual Meditation
You will receive a guided collective meditation that can help you transmute dense energies by grounding in Mother Earth and connecting to the cosmos. This session will also guide you through a powerful visualization to access your higher self or spirit guides so that you can receive direct guidance from the spirit realm. You may also receive channeled messages and visions received from the spirit realms to help guide you. These sessions require deep trust in the unseen as it is your intentionality that allows the connection.

Guest Teachings Each Season
You will receive access to a teaching with a guest expert each season that includes some of my favorite colleagues, folx that I learn from & respect, and that I believe have wisdom to share for our journey.

Two Community Connection Calls Each Season
You will have an opportunity to build and connect with other community members in a live call to receive support and process your experience with other like-hearted souls on this journey.

The dates for the guidance call, guest teachings, and community connection call will shift every month as I work to honor my own energy and moon time. I strive to live a life of harmony, ease, and abundance. This work is not just something I do, it is a way of life. I wish the same for us all. Thank you for honoring all of me and not just my work. If you have difficulty with flexibility and returning to our natural rhythms, this space may not be for you. This sacred way of living is not just my boundary but also something that is honored for all members. While you do get as much as you give, you are also honored when you need space and time, and we lovingly hold you knowing that each one of us has our own sacred journey and each one of us is on our own timeline, not colonial time. Please also know that the guidance/channeling call and guest teachings will be recorded and available for you to listen to when you are able. If this is in alignment for you, you are lovingly encouraged to join us.

Seasonal Newsletter that includes poetry, music, and affirmations to help support you on the journey for the season

Access to my vault of all previous teachings

Bonus video & audio content, and pop-up offerings to encourage you and guide you on your path

Early or exclusive access to my other offerings

Is The Decolonial Healing Collective For You?

This is for you if you are a Black, Indigenous Woman of Color empath, sensitive, or intuitive on the decolonial healing journey.

This is for you if you feel called to me and are seeking a guide and virtual community to hold you lovingly and compassionately as you heal, unlearn, and reclaim your soul's path.

This is for you if you are ready to be free from the intergenerational colonial programming that is keeping you stuck and that is making you small.

This is for you if you also understand that we must not overidentify with colonial pain and labels because they disempower you.

This is for you if you are ready to be an active participant in your healing and consciously create the next phase of your life from a more empowered, liberated, space.

This is for you if you feel a deep call to unlearn colonial programming to connect you to your higher self, your ancestors, the spirit realms, our Mother Earth.

This is for you if you believe in the unseen, and in the spiritual and energetic realms.

This is for you if you understand that we cannot do decolonial healing in a colonial way and on colonial time.

This is for you if you are open to learning in an intuitive, "unstructured" way, the way of our ancestors, and allow the medicine and messages from Spirit to come as they are presented.

This is for you if you are able to have compassion for self and others in unlearning harmful colonial conditioning. That you understand mistakes are part of the unlearning and you can prioritize right relationship to resolve and build community.

This is for you if you understand that we must embrace ambiguity and the mystery as part of the process of decolonial healing.

This is for you if you understand that decolonial healing is heart work, not just intellectual. This is not a program with steps or worksheets, this is deep soul work.

This is for you if you trust the guidance of the unseen realms and know that we are always supported by them on a divine journey, in divine time.

This is for you if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and hear your ancestors calling you back to your medicine.

This is for you if you understand that we must embody decolonial healing, that we cannot operate and engage with the world trying to "control" everything including our healing.

This is for you if you are able to consciously slow down and unlearn the colonial sense of urgency and understand that for healing and liberation, we must make space for surrender, for deep self reflection, for shadow work, for joy, for ease, for rest.

This is for you if you are ready to step into your higher purpose to experience wholeness, wellness, and liberation.

"When I first began The Decolonial Healing Collective I felt like I was crawling toward safety. Most of my relationships were toxic, I felt physically sick, lonely, and battled past trauma. What I'm sharing is very personal to me, but I think it is important to share. Dra. Rosales Meza’s work was so much more than words can articulate. The work is spiritual and transcends personal development and wellness. This work for me is necessary and intergenerational. I am healing wounds that will be felt long after I am gone. I didn't know how valuable this collective would be for me until I listened to others share their experiences. This collective feels like home. I believe the colonial capitalist patriarchy is a system that is not designed for me to thrive and has created many intergenerational wounds. I do not consent to the colonial trauma and I want freedom and a new earth. This collective guides me along my journey energetically and spiritually supports me as well. If any of this aligns with you I hope you join us."

Mother of 3, Social Worker, and Assault Survivor Decolonizing For Me and My Children's Wellbeing

The Decolonial Healing Collective is not about me, it is about US.

Witness Erika Granberry's Journey in TDHC

Hello! I originally came into the collective because I felt warmth, connection, and an inner sense of knowing with Dra. Rocio. I had learned of decolonialism less than a year prior but had yet to dive into the many layers of what that meant for me personally. I was, however, deep into my healing and spiritual journey, and so listening to the way Dra. Rocio spoke to the intersection of the two felt like it was exactly where I belonged.

Having now been apart of the collective for 7 months, I don't know if I would have otherwise weathered the storm of 2020 with so much grace and support. TDHC has called in a group of souls that truly resonate and connect in beautiful healing and a high vibration of love and community. Every guidance and community call my eyes fill with tears as I hear the stories of collective family. To be able to hold space for each other as we process the pain, commit to self-discovery, (un)learn, and step in the power of our true selves is an incomparable gift. Thanks to this openness, honesty and vulnerability I am always left feeling more seen, understood, and less alone in the world.

Dra. Rocio's monthly teachings have shed light on incredible areas of life that are often otherwise left unsupported. Topics of intuition, fear, and sacred boundaries are topics that can be hard to find proper support and guidance in, and I have so much gratitude and love in my heart to have had the space to process these things within the collective.

Last but not least, the energy healings have impacted my life in a way I wasn't expecting. I feel more and more connected to spirit and to the collective with each healing and wake up the next day truly feeling like something has been shifted inside of me. Even if i don't have the words or awareness at the time, the connection always comes after listening to the messages Dra. Rocio shares following the energy healing. Some of my most profound experiences have been that of helping me clear away blocks within my heart-space, reignite my love for running as a form of self-care, and find deeper connections with my ancestors.

Thank you Dra. Rocio y familia por todo. It's an honor to be in sacred community with you. ❤️

Ready To Join?

The Decolonial Healing Collective is on a sliding scale of $240 - $450 per quarter to join.

I ask for an application so that I can get to know you because that is important to me and to see if you are in alignment with the collective. The collective also starts with a quarterly commitment as this work is not to be done on colonial time and the process of building community and unlearning and embodying and integrating takes time.

While it starts with a 90 day commitment, we are really inviting folx that are seeking community for the long haul, folx that are committed to showing up and cultivating community. We believe that the work of decolonial healing is lifelong and we are deeply committed to it. We also understand that decolonial healing cannot be done on colonial time and so space is made and honored for when you can show up and when you need space to integrate. In the collective, there is no such thing as "being behind", we understand from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective, that you are exactly where you need to be and you are on your own time. And of course we honor when you have received what you needed from the collective. Honoring your path and your journey, always.

In the Decolonial Healing Collective, we honor your energy, time, and also we believe that sacred reciprocity is key. It is the one place where I feel I am truly honored for all of who I am, and not just my work. It is a place of reciprocity and not just extraction, where folx don't take my work without honoring me as the guide and our collective as the sacred container in which they learned because this is also a way we embody decolonizing, in Indigenous tradition we honor our teachers. It is a place where my community shows up for me as much as I show up for them, where they understand that my wellness and motherhood comes first so that I can show up for them in the way they need and in the way that allows me to serve them in the highest way possible.

And so the collective is on a sliding scale of $240-450 per quarter to honor my energy, time, and work. This exchange is part of the embodiment in which we unlearn transactional ways of being and instead engage in sacred reciprocity.

To learn more about the sliding scale, you can read HERE

Your membership will renew every 90 days at the rate you decide works best for you inside of the sliding scale.

TDHC is a 90-day commitment as the depth of the work we do takes time. Your membership will renew every quarter. 30 days before the quarter ends, you can choose not to renew your membership but there are no refunds.

I am also asking for a quarterly commitment as this work is my livelihood. It is important that I am integrity with the work I have been entrusted by Spirit and my ancestors and so this means that I must do this work in a way that is physically, energetically, spiritually, and financially sustainable. And, while I am anti-capitalist, the truth is we still live in these systems and I need sustainable income to honor my time, my energy, my health, my motherhood and my family to be a good shepherd of this work.

There is a 3-month commitment to join the collective. After your first quarter inside of the collective, you can choose not to renew your membership or you stay. Either way there are no refunds as you’ve already received an exchange. Thank you for honoring my work dear heart.

Each quarter we also have a recalibration period in which you can either increase or decrease your payment as we understand that money may not be fixed in these current systems and so we honor this reality in our community in alignment with decolonizing.

Recap of everything included The Decolonial Healing Collective each season:

-Two Live Guidance Calls with me

-Live Collective Spiritual Meditation

-Two Community Connection Calls

-Seasonal Themed Teaching

-Seasonal Reflective Journal Workbook

-Seasonal Guest Teaching

-Seasonal Newsletter

-Access to the vault of all my previous teachings

-Bonus video or audio content to encourage and guide you on your path

-Bonus pop-up offerings as Spirit calls

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Enrollment into The Decolonial Healing Collective begins with an application. Because I am creating an intentional space for healing and learning and I want us to develop relationships and community, I need to know you on a more deeply to understand your values, perspective, energetic vibration, and whether we would be a good fit.

Beloved, we are only accepting a small group to join us and so I ask for you to apply only if you are deeply called and your intention is to join. Limited spaces are available and available on a first come, first serve basis not to create a sense of urgency, but to honor those that are called. I deeply trust in Spirit that those that are meant to join and be a part of the collective will be led and will join us in sacred space.

If you are deeply called and devoted to this path, to your healing and being in alignment with the new earth, I lovingly invite you to apply so that you can join us. I spend sacred time with each application, meditating, connecting with your energy, honoring your soul essence and vibration so that the collective remains a sacred space.

I honor you beloved and I look forward to learning more about you.

All my love,
Dra. Rocio

Thank you for your interest in joining the decolonial healing journey with us, for your desire to birth the New Earth by honoring your sacred soul to then extend these energies out into the world.

Honoring you and sending you so much love.

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I'm excited to share with you in the coming weeks about
The Decolonial Healing Collective.

Sending You Love,
Dra. Rocio